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Your team in Light and Colour

Posted by Stephen Quirke on August 18, 2011 under Art, Demonstration, Kogelbaai, painting, watercolor, watercolour | 13 Comments to Read

Last night I did another “Team in Light and Colour” watercolour/business demo with the Cape Town SPIN.  During the demo I painted this view of Kogelbaai from the rocks on Arches 300gm Rough – 380x560mm.

I am pleased with the way the final version turned out.

This was a little more difficult because I had to update my presentation and practice my painting yesterday, the day of the presentation.  However it was OK and when I settled down I was able to present and paint and enjoy the moment.

Here is the first practice version I did in morning:

That was OK but I still had to practice with my talk and I did this version later in the afternoon:

I sometimes ask myself why I do this sort of thing.  It can be quite nerve-wracking.  And the answer always is that I know I can pull together something very exciting.  There is a fruitful area where these two worlds of mine overlap.  We all discussed the presentation when I was finishing up and I had some very interesting ideas offered by some of those who attended the talk.  So, the journey continues.

  • CT-SPIN #70: Your team in light and colour | Cape Town SPIN said,

    [...] painting that Stephen generated for us, to read up more in his presentation please take a look at his blog] Your team in light and colour This entry was posted in Meetings. Bookmark the permalink. [...]

  • Carol King said,

    Beautiful paintings. I would love to attend one of your talks/demonstrations. When is the next one and what time should I get there?

  • Stephen Quirke said,

    Thanks Carol – I will keep you posted – (o: This will require a review and rewrite of the script first – I have some ideas.
    Dear me – you have been working hard lately – I have not visited your side for so long
    Cheers hey

  • Cecily Algera said,

    This is really amazing Stephen. I am sure the people enjoy this. Most of your ‘clients’ probably know nothing about art. I am glad for you. You must enjoy this a lot as well. Cecily

  • Albert said,

    Thanks Stephen! The analogies and structure of the talk really sticks as a result. I think it works, and makes the audience work a bit.

  • Stephen Quirke said,

    Hey Cecily – Yeah it is fun – a bit hair-raising but fun. And I get some positive feedback about the process. It seems that watercolour is a good metaphor. I intend to develop the presentation some more, a journey is underway.

  • Stephen Quirke said,

    Hey Albert – Wednesday was great. And it was good to see you again. I really want to come to a few more SPIN sessions. Thanks for the feedback. I am thinking through the presentation as we speak. S

  • Leslie White said,

    I don’t know if I could just sit down and demo an entire painting. All three are beautiful!

  • Barry Coombs said,

    I tried to comment on your lovely Bass Lake sketch but some technological troll forbade it.
    I really enjoy seeing the demos and the preparatory work. I know that ‘nerve-wracking’ feeling.

  • Stephen Quirke said,

    Hi Leslie – heh heh – no man – it can be a bit hectic but it is so good when it comes together. Sheesh! Thanks for the positive note – I was down there again on Wednesday – it is such a beautiful scene. That rock with the pool on it is a very difficult shape. Cheers hey

  • Stephen Quirke said,

    Hey Barry – how are you doing? It is good to see you here and hear from you – sorry about the gremmy I am not sure what that was about. I have slipped on my visiting lately but want to come over to your side soon. Bye hey

  • Linda Halcomb said,

    You are one brave fellow. It would terrify me to talk and paint in front of a group. No coordination. Your finished piece is lively and vibrant. Great work!

  • Stephen Quirke said,

    Hey Linda – it is so good to see you again – I too have been hopeless at getting out and about.
    I am looking forward to visiting your side tomorrow.
    thanks so much for these kind comments – I hope all is well your side.

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